Restorative Endodontics

Experience the new biologic standard of care.

A modern standard of care

Modern material science and minimally invasive techniques are maximizing the long-term prognosis of the endodontically treated tooth.

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Previous methods required extra shaping.

Bioceramic nanotechnology

Produce a true monoblock by chemically bonding to the radicular dentin (right down to the apex) with no shrinking.

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Syringe of bioceramic sealer.

Conservative shaping

Maintain the strength of the tooth through the use of minimally invasive instrumentation and bonded obturation.

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Comparison betweenminimal ESX shaping and wider competitior shaping.

Revolutionary products

ESX Rotary Files, BC Sealer and BC Points complete the simple yet sophisticated system.

ESX and Bioceramics
Bioceramic Sealer and Bioceramic Points.

Backed by research

Countless studies prove and confirm superior results.

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iPad showing restorative endodontics research bibliography

“Finally a material that is biocompatible, hydrophilic and antibacterial with no post-operative complications.
The feedback from many of my Endodontic Colleagues is amazingly positive.”
—Dr. Richard Herman